As a Business Owner or CEO, You’re Pulled in More Directions than Ever Before

Capital CFO Services’ Mission: To Provide Your Business with a Solid Financial Base so You Can Focus on Innovation, Growth and Value Creation

What is Capital CFO Services?

Capital CFO Services provides outsourced interim CFO services and is headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area.  The company was founded in 2002 by Gary Guttman, a noted expert in B2B financial management and accounting operations, who has helped lead seven B2B companies to a successful exit with total valuations of more than $100M.

Why Might Your Business Need Capital CFO Services?

Capital CFO Services provides financial leadership and accounting expertise that:

  • Guides business owners and CEOs through the necessary steps and processes to put their accounting operations in order;

  • Makes their current accounting/bookkeeping resources more effective;

  • Ensures visibility into their balance sheet and cash flow; and,

  • Frees up the business owner’s or CEO’s time to focus on innovation, growth and value creation.

What Should You Expect from a CFO?

In order to know whether your business needs a CFO, you need to understand what to expect from that role. 
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