Interfolio LogoInterfolio ‘Commissions’ Capital CFO to Support Fast-Growing Startup

Interfolio makes software that improves how colleges and universities make decisions about their key stakeholders: faculty and students. Interfolio’s business manages the document and data associated with academic and professional credentials that support hiring, admissions and talent management. Beyond the typical “growing pains” of an early-stage company in securing access to capital and finance and accounting operations, Interfolio’s CEO had critical challenges in other operational and administrative areas that were less cut and dry, such as sales commissions, tracking for high-volume subscription revenue and costs and tracking shareholder options.

Interfolio recognized the need for experience that went beyond just accounting and finance.

The company hired Gary Guttman to assess, prioritize and resolve its most critical challenges, including securing a line of credit, maintaining strategic focus, designing a commission plan and tracking ownership and options among Interfolio’s 35+ shareholders.

“Gary helped us translate our business vision into a highly functioning operation.  In addition to the core finance and accounting functions, he helped us prioritize critical initiatives and develop smart solutions for each one.”

Steve Goldenberg

For Interfolio, Capital CFO Services accomplished the following:

  • Increased revenues by an average of 30% each year.

  • Assisted with the negotiation of a new distribution contract with the largest industry company.

  • Negotiated a new contract with the company’s largest vendor.

Capital CFO provided the following services to Interfolio:

  • Developed methodologies to track and report revenues by product line.

  • Assisted with the transition of individuals at the executive levels.

  • Participated in quarterly board meetings and prepared financial documents for those meetings.

  • Coordinated the conversion of Interfolio’s year-end to match the seasonal revenue flow.

  • Coordinated communications between the owner and the CPA.

  • Prepared annual budgets.

  • Developed historical ownership structure to enable the board to understand the impacts of option grants and outstanding stock on ownership structure.

  • Assisted the President’s preparation for the annual company meeting.

  • Provide general management advice to the President.

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