How Does One Choose an Outsourced CFO?

3. How Does One Choose an Outsourced CFO?

Here are the criteria you should look for when evaluating an Outsourced CFO:

  • Focused expertise and experience in your type of business.  For example, Capital CFO Services specializes in serving B2B businesses.

  • Dedicated C-level support.  At any given time, Capital CFO Services works with a maximum of 5-7 clients so that each one gets excellent, personal service and clients will never be “handed off” to a junior staffer.

  • Ability to provide counsel/management for other non-financial back-office functions. Capital CFO Services has experience overseeing and adding value in key departments such as Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), Legal and Facilities.

  • Relationships with expert resources and financial institutions as needed. Capital CFO Services is connected to leading DC area banks; law firms and other resources and can help clients build those relationships as well.

  • Hands on experience in exit transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.  Capital CFO Services Founder and CEO Gary Guttman has helped lead successful exits for 7 B2B companies with total valuations of over $100M.